BigStuff3 is a Southeast Michigan based company focused on the design, manufacture and marketing of state-of-the-art electronic engine and power train controllers for the performance aftermarket.

John, Leo and Joe Meaney founded BigStuff3 and its parent company, Meaney Brothers, Incorporated, in 2003. Two of the three brothers are degreed engineers with a combined twenty-one (21) years
of experience in electronic fuel and spark controllers. John Meaney has often been referred to as the grandfather of the aftermarket fuel injection industry. John’s influence in this industry is easily
recognized by the companies he has started and the products he has designed in the last 15 years.

Bigstuff3 is the culmination of these many efforts and years of experience. The best example of this is Bigstuff’s GEN1 and GEN3 powertrain controllers.

In the short time it has been available, our GEN1 system is a definite upgrade to any comparably priced system on the market. The GEN3 system will soon become the industry standard for true
performance. It is unique to the marketplace in that it is not only capable of controlling the engine’s fuel and spark (coil on plug!!) requirements, but the automatic transmission (currently only the GM tranny’s) as well. That’s right, a complete powertrain controller!! Add the following additional capabilities, and the bar has just been raised in a “Big” way. That’s what BigStuff is all about.

Sequential fuel control for up to 16 cylinders Individual cylinder fuel and spark control Smart and dumb Coil-on-Plug capable Injector phasing, at the start and end of injection events Configurable Load & RPM axes Self learning

You want proof we are for real? BigStuff3’s GEN3 system recently made 1,150hp on a stock block, Precision Turbo based turbo charged LS1 engine, using the stock ignition coils!
Feature-for-feature, the GEN3 system is currently the lowest priced system on the market.

BigStuff3 has also recently released its “BigLog” air/fuel ratio meter with on board data logger logging capabilities! The BigLog meter is a must-have for engine tuners and folks with carbureted engines alike.